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Vol. 3, March 31, 2021

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  • Removing Barriers for Medical Devices
  • Telemedicine and the Cloud
  • Staying Connected

Removing Barriers
for Medical Devices

Expand market penetration of your medical device through pay-per-use model.

The high cost of medical devices creates barriers to entry and missed opportunities for some markets. The medical device industry has been transformed by a mutually beneficial financial model known as pay-per-use. Users no longer have to face large acquisition expenses, and device developers can expand the reach of their audience. Our pay-per-use system connects to the cloud, tracking your device as it is in use, so device users only pay for employed features. This model allows device manufacturers to expose themselves to the benefits of increased turnover, greater service revenue, and improved insights on how the device is utilized. Ultimately, medical device companies can diversify their markets and sell more products in the process.

This model has become an industry trend for market penetration. Check out this article by Susan J. Campbell, on how pay-per-use is forging new opportunities in healthcare. At Promenade, we offer pay-per-use as one of the many skillfully designed capabilities of our CyberMed⋅Cloud. You can read more about the benefits of pay-per-use in our featured blog post.

Telemedicine and the Cloud  

Medical device companies should be aware that the cloud is the future of telemedicine devices.

Cloud platforms are becoming increasingly more valuable to telemedicine technology. Accessing data remotely has become one of the greatest advantages of cloud computing, and pairing the cloud with telemedicine has transformed medical device-enabled healthcare delivery. Our CyberMed⋅Cloud platform can enhance your device through its telemedicine and at-home patient monitoring, data collection and storage, and device monitoring capabilities. Our blog on telemedicine and the cloud dives into these capabilities and expands on the importance of having the right cloud provider. Read the full blog.

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