The Adoption of Telemedicine and the Cloud


Software technologies are expanding the medical device market and how we administer care. This previous year has demonstrated how digital health strategy has become increasingly more apparent and essential. Telemedicine is a rising practice of caring for patients remotely through the use of technology. Medical device companies should be aware that the cloud is the future of telemedicine devices.

The cloud offers services that are both scalable and flexible. One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is its compatibility with accessing data remotely. Telemedicine apps, paired with cloud systems, allow for secure data sharing and enhanced user accessibility. This has refined healthcare delivery through medical devices. When looking for a cloud solution, medical device companies should ensure that the platform has critical security measures. Device management, secured architecture, and data protection and encryption are three fundamental security solutions that a cloud platform should possess. In order to protect crucial data, there is a need for secure configuration of devices, secure APIs, and strong authentication measures.  


CypherMed Cloud

CypherMed Cloud is a robust medical device cloud platform, comprising several capabilities that empower medical devices. This cloud solution is well equipped for devices intended for monitoring home use by patients along with analysis of clinical data. When working in the telemedicine space, CypherMed Cloud provides your device with capabilities for telemedicine and at-home patient monitoring, data collection and storage, and device monitoring. 

Using CypherMed Cloud paired with an at-home patient monitoring device gives users access to collecting samples, video conferencing, and monitoring sensor data. Any collected information is then sent straight from the device to the cloud. In cases where a device does not support wifi or cellular, Promenade offers a communication module to ensure simple connectivity.

Telemedicine services should be able to securely collect data and store information. CypherMed Cloud is a HIPAA compliant data storage platform, protecting patient information, test results, diagnostic images, treatment history, and physician notes. Along with HIPAA compliance, the cloud supports both GDPR and CCPA. Secure information storage also extends to assay information, controls, consumables, and device health. This robust platform is perfect for handling both database and large file storage.   

Device monitoring is a crucial component of telemedicine technology. Empowered by CypherMed Cloud, devices are capable of sending live system health information, along with sensor and clinical data. Storing device logs is another critical aspect offered by the cloud. These logs can be analyzed, delivering valuable details on the behavior of components, environment profiles, and errors. Scheduling services and preemptive repairs are fulfilled through system health monitoring.

Cloud platforms are becoming increasingly more valuable to telemedicine technology. Medical device companies need a provider that provides robust and secure capabilities including data collection, data storage, and device monitoring. Check out Promenade Software’s CypherMed Cloud for your medical device cloud platform needs.


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Chinyere Chambers

Chinyere Chambers holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where she was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for Academic Achievement. Her first research project studying polymerase chain reaction (PCR) introduced her to biotech and confirmed her commitment to the advancement of medical technology. As the Marketing Associate for Promenade Software, Inc., she brings her creative professionalism in both science and business capacities to client experiences.

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