Mobile apps for medical devices AND Software as a medical device (Samd)

Mobile Medical Device

iOS and android Mobile App Development

If you need a mobile app that connects to a medical device, we have you covered. Our engineers have developed scores of mobile apps, both locked on the mobile in kiosk mode, or as apps for the user to download to their mobile. Our UI/UX designers beautify the interface, making it both attractive and human-factors-centric.

Need both iOS and Android apps? Using our React Native code-base and libraries, we can save you money in application development. We write once, and deploy to both, each looking like a native application to its OS, with minimal platform-specific overhead.

software as a medical device (SAMD)

Software that runs on PCs, commercial mobile devices, or Cloud without custom electronics involved is generally categorized as SaMD. For example, a mobile application that uses the phone camera to diagnose a skin condition is considered SaMD. Promenade Software can help with all of your SaMD projects, whether on mobile devices, PC's, or cloud. Algorithm development, image processing, and AI are all in our wheelhouse. We handle all of the development, test, and regulatory activities for SaMD submissions.

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Mobile App bluetooth - BLE or WIFI

Mobile wireless communications to devices can use Bluetooth/BLE for basic data exchange, or WiFi for large amounts of data (such as high resolution images). Wireless communications can be attack vectors for data or identity theft, and care must be taken to secure the connection. Promenade Software has extensive experience with securing wireless communications and can help you make sure your data exchange is secure.

Integrate to CyberMed•Cloud

Securely connect your mobile or other SaMD to our SOC2 Certified, HIPAA compliant, and customizable CyberMed•Cloud solution. Cloud storage provides vast opportunities for extended services to your customers, including data collection for analytics, tracking consumables for re-order, remote diagnostics, and patient/therapist data sharing. We can help you get integrated to CyberMed•Cloud and develop custom web portals, analytics, and third-party interfacing per your needs.

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Promenade Software, Inc. specializes in software development for medical devices and other safety-critical applications.
Promenade is ISO 13485, and CyberMed • Cloud is SOC2 Type II certified.

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