Software as a medical device (Samd)

SaMD Arrhythmia mapping

What is software as a medical device?

Medical software that runs on PCs, mobile phones, tablets, or cloud servers without custom electronics is generally categorized as SaMD. For example, a mobile application that uses the phone camera to diagnose a skin condition is considered SaMD.

Promenade Software can help with all of your SaMD projects, whether on mobile devices, PC's, or cloud. We have the frameworks and ready-made solutions to help expedite the development. Algorithm development, image processing, and AI are all in our wheelhouse.
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Productizing your samd IP

Many of our SaMD clients come to us to make their prototype software ready for commercialization. Often the algorithms and associated code have been written by the inventor scientist who is not a professional software engineer.

Promenade Software can help make the software verifiable, maintainable, and optimized for performance. We will help you with risk management, adding the necessary security and safety features, as well as unit and integration, and system test support.

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Test for Samd

Testing on commercially available devices such as PC's and mobile for has unique challenges if the manufacturer is not providing the device. There are usually multiple operating systems, versions of operating systems, physical devices and peripherals, and it is impossible to verify them all. At Promenade, we will help you create your test plan to provide efficient and sufficient coverage.

If your device is managed and needs a kiosk style lockdown and hardening, we can help with the implementation, security, and penetration test.

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