Embedded Software development for medical devices

Software/Firmware Services

Promenade Software specializes in custom device software development services for medical devices. We are experts in advanced software technologies for the entire device software stack, engineering your system for robustness, security, and safety. From low-level firmware and embedded GUI applications to connected mobile apps and cloud, we have the know-how and experience to provide complete, robust solutions.

Our device software services include pre-validated codebases and frameworks that work hand-in-hand with our test tools for unsurpassed development efficiency, while providing test visibility and accessibility to your system. The Parlaytm eco-system allows your dollars to be spent only on that which is unique to your system, without a rewrite of infrastructure, drivers, or communications code. With secure, seamless interconnection between devices and data collection applications, our solutions give you robust, state-of-the-art capabilities at a fraction of the normal development costs.

Our medical device software deliverables are FDA and IEC 62304 compliant, fully documented, and ready for regulatory submission. We provide premarket cybersecurity support built in, and cybersecurity services for the life of your device.

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Embedded Firmware

Promenade's embedded software engineers design software to work closely with the electronics, while providing real-time operating system interfaces, drivers, and controls for your IO-centric subsystems. From small battery-operated wearables to advanced fluidics and robotics for IVD instruments, our services include a pre-verified, extensible code framework, allowing our services to concentrate on the implementation of your unique technology needs.

For more complex systems, our Parlay.Realtimetm embedded codebase gives you complete visibility and control of every element of your system. Each valve, motor, and pump can be exercised from the Parlay UI on the PC. Temperature, flow rates, pressure, etc. can be monitored, logged, and graphed. With its event-driven Active Object (AO) design, our embedded codebase is designed for robustness and self instrumentation.

For simpler systems, we write the firmware using our years of expertise in embedded systems. We generally address the test needs with our Hardware-in-the-Loop solution (DigiWorx) to create automated test scripts that will simulate user input, and closely characterize the internal response.

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Embedded Linux or windows

At Promenade, we design an elegant, responsive front end to your device, with secure communications, database, and reliable back-end controls. All is engineered with the Parlay test capabilities built in from the start, giving full unit test and system monitoring capabilities.

Our pre-developed software frameworks support QT/QML, Microsoft .NET, or React JS applications. Using SQLite for a relational database, and our object relation mapping, your data can be easily organized to a schema, fitting your data storage and retrieval needs.

Embedding our Parlay.Connect component, your application connects seamlessly with embedded, mobile, and cloud without complications. Parlay.Connect does all the heavy lifting to make it simple for the developer.

Our ready-made  components for device applications  get you to market quickly and securely. 


Promenade's device solutions are designed for connectivity. Whether you are connecting via BLE to a tablet, wifi to a cloud server, or other connection type, we have the experience and frameworks to connect with ease.
As part of the remote connectivity, remote upgrade, remote diagnostics, and inventory control are ready using the CypherMed Cloud solution.

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Research and Auxiliary Applications

Using Parlay, creating the applications to support the device are made with incredible ease. Connect to the instrument via USBthernet or wfi, and screenmakng control is at your fingertips.
Our  widget-maker allows the developer to drag and drop screen elements, filling in the back-end functionality with Python scripts. From command buttons, to data lists and graphs, the researcher can control system properties, graph data, exercise subsystems, view, and more. This powerful capability can turn a multi-month effort into mere days of work.

Test support

Test is a critical part of development, and Promenade has advanced support for automated test as well as manual verification services.

  • Unit and Integration Test, with automated regression test.
  • System Error and Anomaly Handling Test.
  • Software Verification and Validation Test
  • Manufacturing Test for component level, system level, and burn-in
  • Field Service Test
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Promenade Software, Inc. specializes in software development for medical devices and other safety-critical applications.
Promenade is ISO 13485, and CypherMed Cloud is SOC2 Type II certified.

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