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                                                                                                Vol. 2, March 2, 2021

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Here's what we cover in this issue:
  • Start Your Project Half Done
  • Cybersecurity: Secure Device Authentication
  • Updates: Partner Projects
  • Staying Connected

Start Your Project Half Done

Have you ever noticed software projects take more time and resources than anticipated?

When planning and estimating projects, focus tends to land on the tasks unique to the project.  We at Promenade software see these tasks as the “tip of the iceberg.” The often overlooked or derived requirements are a major reason software schedules and budgets are insufficient. These unexpected or underestimated tasks absorb the development and testing cycles, before you are able to work on the crux of the problem you are solving.

At Promenade Software, we refer to this as the "floating iceberg" concept. At the top are the requirements unique to a project or device. The massive base of the iceberg is literally unseen, hidden beneath the water. Yet, it is this mass (and the support it provides) that is the base for the unique capabilities a project requires.

Our collection of frameworks for embedded devices, communications, cloud connectivity, testing, debugging, and validation enable us to start your project with all of this infrastructure in place, ready to use on day one. Furthermore, the underlying requirements that are often neglected or underestimated are already completed, verified and validated to FDA standards.

Because your project “starts half completed," there is significantly less risk to schedule and budget overruns.

Read our blog post about the capabilities we have available to get your product to market faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality:

  • Embedded Libraries with support for multiple microcontrollers
  • Parlay™ - Self-instrumenting diagnostic and test system
  • CyberMed⋅Cloud - Complete HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR cloud solution for medical devices & test reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance - ISO 13485, FDA 510(k), SOC-2


Secure Device Authentication

Cybersecurity and device authentication are always top of mind for any embedded device or connected service. Add unreliable channels, HIPAA, and FDA regulations to contend with, and security can become a nightmare.
With the rise of novel medical device innovations, the need to create safe, secure, and reliable interactions and connectivity schemes are in high demand.
Our white paper explores the CyberMed⋅Cloud solution for device authentication over untrusted and unreliable channels. Read the full white paper

Project Updates

In our last newsletter we shared our partner DxTerity's at home COVID-19 Saliva test launch. We are proud to have delivered a robust and reliable user interface for their program and wish them continued success.
Check out this product review from Insider contributor Brittney Chang.

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