Promenade Software, Inc. Announces CyberMed•Cloud 2.0

Seamless Integration | Ultimate Security

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Promenade Software is proud to announce the launch of CyberMed∙Cloud 2.0, a complete cloud solution for medical devices and other connected safety critical systems. CyberMed∙Cloud 2.0 meets enterprise demands for performance, administration, and security.

CyberMed∙Cloud enables device innovators to move to market safely, securely, and effectively. Cybersecurity is the core of CyberMed∙Cloud providing HIPAA and FDA compliant solutions by the application of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

CyberMed∙Cloud capabilities include:

●  Data Analytics

●  AI & Machine Learning

●  Device Monitoring

●  Test Reporting

●  Usage Tracking / Pay-Per-Use

●  Telemedicine

●  Consumables Tracking

●  Authorized Data Sharing

"We are extremely excited to introduce CyberMed∙Cloud 2.0. We have created a powerful turn-key solution that is flexible in design and provides seamless integration. With CyberMed∙Cloud 2.0 we were able to support our client, DxTerity with their COVID-19 employee screening program and launch of at-home testing on the Amazon Marketplace meeting the unprecedented urgency due to the pandemic," said Frances Cohen, President, at Promenade Software, Inc.

Founded in 2013, Promenade Software, Inc. offers a full suite of software development services and solutions specializing in medical devices. Promenade provides expertise in device and mobile app development, regulatory, verification and validation testing, and cybersecurity.

Media Contact: Michelle Cohen, Business Development Specialist
Phone Number: (949)-333-4634

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Promenade Software, Inc. specializes in software development for medical devices and other safety-critical applications.
Promenade is ISO 13485, and CypherMed Cloud is SOC2 Type II certified.

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