Meeting The Demands of Rapid Development


Within this current market, rapid development has never been so essential. Around the world, COVID-19 cases have been increasing at an exponential rate. Testing for the virus is a top priority, and the ability to test from home could limit the spread while providing convenience. Our client DxTerity has developed a COVID-19 Saliva at-Home Collection Kit for symptomatic and asymptomatic testing. Promenade was asked to build a secure application through which users can order tests, register kits, and access their test results. Initially, the kits were exclusively developed for employee screening. But shortly after its success, our engineers at Promenade were tasked with quickly developing an additional application for at-home user testing. In just under two weeks we were able to fully develop the workflow necessary for this platform. Currently, these COVID-19 at-home test kits can be found on the Amazon marketplace.

At Promenade, we pride ourselves in developing products that are secure and stable, even in periods of rapid development. Our CypherMed Cloud platform enables quick, seamless, and secure integration to the Cloud. The Promenade team working on the DxTerity project found that leveraging our framework, staging release testing, and robust communication platforms were keys to success during the expedited Amazon release. This blog will dive into these strategies that presented the most vital during rapid development.


When faced with rapid development, it is best to employ frameworks architected for meeting the specific application needs and that are designed for modularity and reuse. Our CypherMed Cloud and framework enable our engineers to efficiently deliver secure HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant applications. Instead of spending time on infrastructure changes, the focus is on project-specific needs. The Promenade team was able to incorporate these frameworks and utilize the key features that allowed them to develop a strong and secure application.

Another integral part of a successful rapid development process is a staging release. An issue that often arises with rapid development is the suffering of quality and testing. By creating a staging release for quality assurance, the test engineers are able to test the application for bugs while the developers stay on track. 

Collaboration at work

One final strategy that allows for such success is an abundance of hands-on communication. Rapid development requires a full spectrum of communication. Here at Promenade, clients are provided accounts to collaborate within our documentation, communication, and planning tools, where we can properly lay out schedules, create issues, and track project progress. Our use of Agile Scrum promotes continuous communication and allows for clients to collaborate with the development team, enabling successful deliverables. 


The Promenade Software CypherMed Cloud framework allows our engineers to use existing tools and solutions to meet expedited timeline demands. Pre-made solutions and rock solid processes allow for quality rapid development in the medical device space.   

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Chinyere Chambers

Chinyere Chambers holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where she was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for Academic Achievement. Her first research project studying polymerase chain reaction (PCR) introduced her to biotech and confirmed her commitment to the advancement of medical technology. As the Marketing Associate for Promenade Software, Inc., she brings her creative professionalism in both science and business capacities to client experiences.

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