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A Cloud Solution for Medical Devices

Cloud Solution for Medical Devices

The CyberMed Cloud is an integrated, highly secured, platform for collecting medical device and patient data. Collecting and analyzing medical device data is extraordinary for the manufacturer, however, the cybersecurity of that data and device is crucial. The CyberMed Cloud provides BOTH.

CyberMed Cloud Security

With security at its core, it provides cryptographically strong authentication of users, enforcing the unique privileges needed between medical device users. Sensitive information is secured from being read by unauthorized parties either in storage or in transmission.

Ready-made with Ease of Use

The CyberMed Cloud is a ready-made, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant cloud storage solution that is flexible to support medical device needs. It can be integrated with EMR systems, logistics APIs, and FHIR standards.

CyberMed Cloud Analytics and Machine Learning

Using device data to understand usage, trends, and clinical information can immensely increase your value. The CyberMed Cloud works hand-in-hand with analysis software and cloud-based AI/Machine Learning algorithms.

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