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At Promenade Software, we know that the software relies on robust hardware to deliver reliable results. To help our clients with their electronics, we offer services to expert design, design review, and overall consultation.

Our extensive experience includes all types of medical devices.  We have worked on robotic arms, automated pipette, thermal control/heating & cooling systems, closed loop temperature regulation, nitrogen/oxygen regulation, PCR thermal cycling, solenoids, linear actuators, audio, video, USB 3.1, rechargeable batteries, charging systems, fuel gauging and more.

ELECTRONIC Engineering

Our Electronic Engineering services include:
- Electronic circuit design/schematic capture/bill of materials
- Analog/digital
- Embedded processors
- Ultra-quiet & high resolution ADC conversion
- Photometry
- Temperature control & closed loop feedback
- Stepper motors/motion control/robotics

PCB image

Printed Circuit Board Design:

We also offer Printed Circuit Board Design services, such as:
- Multi-layer & Rigid-Flex
- Impedance control
- Differential pairs
- Line length matching
- Ultra quiet analog
- Designs for low radiation EMI/EMC performance that pass agency testing


Let us help you prevent unnecessary headaches by reviewing your electronic design. Our process includes measures such as:
- Design Functional Check
- Schematic Symbol check
- Netlist/Schematic Comparison
- Single Node Nets Check
- Footprint Dimensional Check
- Component Stock Check

Learn more about our electronic design review process in our blog!

Read the Blog Post
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