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What  is DigiWorx?

DigiWorx is Promenade's HiL (Hardware in the Loop) test and instrumentation tool. Low cost, yet ultra versatile, DigiWorx lets you drive and capture multiple digital and analog signals, either individually or coordinated. Connect  60+ designated input and output signals to your board and peripherals, and control is at your fingertips.

input and output signals to your board

Case Studies 

Test System for hand-held Medical Device

Manufacturers needed a test system to verify software on a small battery-operated medical device with user buttons, LEDs, and DC motor.
Using DigiWorx they are able to simulate user button presses and chart the motor position, PWM duty cycle, and voltage over time as the device performs its tasks.

Test Multiple Controls

A client needed to generate 4 PWM signals to test and qualify temperature control for their system. Previously limited to 1 PWM signal at a time with a signal generator, DigiWorx lets them output and control duty cycle for all their temperature controllers, and lets them monitor the output.

Rapid Prototype of Diagnostic System

With DigiWorx, micro-fluidic diagnostic researchers finally found a solution to coordinating multiple sensors and off-the-shelf controllers under one umbrella. Bringing USB-controlled pumps, camera, SPI ADCs, PWM outputs, and more, this client's prototype diagnostic instrument was quick and easy to assemble and modify.

DigiWorx User Interface

The DigiWorx system unleashes potential limited only by your imagination. Make your User Interface work any way that fits your needs with our drag-and-drop widgets. Decide what signals and sensors to drive/read from DigiWorx connected to your board, and connect up any external equipment to coordinate their actions with your prototype setup. Controls, sensors, cameras, pumps, motors - all can be synchronously controlled with DigiWorx right in the UI!
Parlay and PhiL Dashboard builder with customizable widgets
Fully Customizable User Interface

  • Dashboard builder with customizable widgets lets you drive or monitor signals, individually or coordinated.
  • From Widgets send commands to drive the signals. Read sensor data streams back in the form of graphs, gauges, or export logs to excel.
  • Coordinate pins and controls with optional Python scripting right from the Widgets.
  • Add coordinated control of USB, GPIB, Modbus peripheral - any Python driven interface.
  • Save and share your workspace for others to use.
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Available I/O  

PIN Function
Num Available
GPIO Input
Digital IO -   Read from your board. 0/3.3v.
GPIO Output
Digital IO -  Output to your board 0/3.3v.
12 bit digital reading of analog input from your board 0-3.3v.
12 bit digital setting for analog output to your board 0-3.3v.
Pulse Width Modulation output to your board.  Control duty cycle and frequency.
PWM Reader
Read duty cycle and frequencygenerated on your board
Quadrature Encoder Reader
2 pins each for quadrature encoder input from your board. Track relative position of motor over time.
8 SPI channels, on 2 SPI bus. Control SPI peripherals
I2C bus. Control I2C peripherals
Serial bus.  Communicate with UART peripherals
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